On 19 January 2020, the entire premises of  Axel Public School was enlightened with the true vibrant colours of Incredible India as the annual event of the school namely “ LITTLE INDIA”was all about to begin. The event was inaugurated by the esteemed Chief Guest Dr. Amarjyoti Choudhury, distinguished educationist, recitor, poet, and currently Vice Chancellor of Assam Down Town University in a traditional way. Mr. Kishore Kumar Choudhury, Director cum Secretary, Regional Office, CBSE graced the occasion as the Guest of Honor and Dr. Anupam Saikia, Professor and Academic Dean, Department of Mathematics, IIT, Guwahati as the Special Guest. All the students  from Class I to XII eagerly participated to portray the rich &varied culture of the country through rhythmic dance forms such as the Lavani from Maharashtra, Bhangra from Punjab, Kalbeliya from Rajasthan, Dandiya from Gujrat, Kissan dance from Haryana, Kohli from Goa,Rabindra Nritya from West Bengal, Kaikotti Kali from Kerala and the evergreen traditional dance forms from North East which  included the Nyishi dance from Arunachal Pradesh, KaShad Mastieh from Meghalaya, Lai Haroaba from Manipur, Sarlamkai from Mizoram, Zeling from Nagaland, Maruni from Sikkim, Hojagiri from Tripura ,Bihu & Bhortal from Assam.On the other side, the audiences were left spellbound by the two most significant attractions of the event  the Folk Dance performances from West Bengal comprising of Kirtan, Baul, CharakPuja and DhamailDance depicting rural Bengal and its folklores and the another one was the Pungcholom and Manipuri Raasleela from Manipur. The beauty of the event was more enhanced by the special performance of the Teachers.The theme ‘Little India’ was kept strongly alive by the students participating in the different  live shows for the states of West Bengal, Maharashtra, Goa, Kerala, Rajasthan, Punjab, Jammu and Kashmir and Northeast India highlighting their lifestyle, clothes, customs and traditions, livelihood, rituals and religious observances. All the guests were visibly impressed by the impeccable performance showcased by the students. The parents and the guests were mesmerised to experience the various colourful exhibits from the land of beautiful India displayed in the form of 21 handmade carts carrying eye captivating handmade Dolls wearing traditional attires from different states of India, fascinating  traditional Pot designs ,traditional  Jewelleries &Bangles, Spices and foods, different Utensils, handmade Masks from different states, traditional Paintings of India ,traditional plates designs,traditional shawls and sarees, handicrafts etc. The indigenous games and food stalls were an added attraction to the whole event . The Best Student Award was also handed over to the deserving students from class I to XII on the basis of their  academic excellence, life skills and co-curricular activities A certificate of appreciation along with a cheque of Rs.5000/ was handed over to each students from classes Ito IX & XI.The toppers of Class X and XII Board examination were also acknowledged with a cash reward of Rs.10,000/ and a certificate.The parents of late Hrishav Choudhury who was a student of Class 12 extended a reward of Rs.10,000/,a certificate of appreciation and a momento to the Topper of Humanities Department  in class XII Board exam. . Mr.Prasanta Choudhury, Director, Axel Public Society also announced a sponsorship of Rs.10 Lakhs/to the alumni students pursuing higher levels of education with an intent to motivate and encourage them.

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