In Axel Public School, each student is placed in one of the four houses.

AQUILA the eagle ( yellow house)
MONOCEROS the unicorn ( red house)
PEGASUS the flying horse ( green house )
CYGNUS the swan ( blue house )

Each house has a Captain and a Vice-Captain and is assisted by several teachers.

The houses participate in various inter-house competitions like quiz, debate, dance, recitation, etc. and various inter-house sports like basketball, football, swimming, badminton, etc. throughout the year. 

Houses receive points on the basis of the rankings in the competitions. At the end of the academic year the house with the highest points is awarded the running House Trophy .

The house system gives equality of opportunity and encouragement to realise a students full potential and builds his / her strength within a group and bonds with other students of all ages. It promotes Student Voice, Student Responsibility, Team Spirit, Leadership skills and Cooperation.